Medical Marijuana and TN

I have been on Lyrica for about 2 years and am down to two 100 mg pills/day. No real difference between two and three pills. Also drops for dry eyes every two hours. I still have constant burning in my eyes. Gabapentin took it all away but can't take because it causes GI inflammation. Has anyone tried medical marijuana for eye pain? I know people take it for Glaucoma pain but I don't know about TN. I have post-herpetic TN, also bi-laterial and Type 2. The small amount of Xanax I take daily takes away most of the face pain. Thanks!

It is known to dry out the eye moisture… If you are fortunate enough to try… There are many recipes for making butter …edibles …the pain relief lasts longer than smoking… We won’t get into where you live…but we are up to 25 states that decriminalize and or medical cards. I have read a lot about the nerve pain…with mm… But there are different strains for different pains… Some has no THC…so there is no high.

My doc will give me a presrciption for synthetic marajuana but our insurance company does not cover it. Way too expensive to try. My daughter knows someone who makes a tea with marajuana and rooibos and drinks it daily fo chronic back pain. You need to add some olive oil to it though. She says that with some honey and milk it makes a lovely drink that helps the pain in ways her synthetic meds can’t. I have spoken to the pharmacist about combining marajuana and my meds and she says it should be now problem… I am presently working up the courage to try this. Seems to me you have very little to lose by trying it. Good luck and keep us posted.

I think it is (or it close to being) made legal in Nevada. I don't care a bit about getting high. I just want pain relief!!!

I think you are decriminalized…go to the website of NORML. legal laws and medical info…

great long term non profit resource.

I just recently started Marinol. It is a synthetic version and legal. My insurance covers it, too. It is also fairly inexpensive as a generic. I will let you know how it works! They just raised my dosage and I have my fingers crossed!

Dana, thanks for the info! Are you taking any other TN medication with it? Also, are you taking it specifically for eye pain? Thanks!!! From Woman Who Needs New Eyeballs

I am taking a ton of meds for it but I have to say I am a little bit different than most TN patients. I actually have Trigeminal Neuropathy. Mine was trauma induced and did damage to my eye and to the nerve. Some of the meds I use for it may not be appropriate for your particular TN. I have had confirmation from the doctors at UVA that my neuro has been handling my meds exactly as they would so that was comforting. Currently I am on Lamotrigine, Mexilitene, Desipiramine, Trileptal,Ambien,Trazadone, Phenergan, Nucynta and Marinol.

The medication I am on for my eye is not for eye pain. It is from trauma induced glaucoma. So that is not something that would apply for you I am sure. What I was told about my eye is that the reason I am having the pain is that the constant firing of the TN is affecting the muscles that control my eye. The muscles eventually get so stressed out from it that they start to react/overreact and start doing things they are not supposed to. This is what is causing the pain and the feeling that my eye is being pulled out of my head. Basically they said if they get the TN under control it would hopefully help with the eye pain.

I am still working with the marinol timing. I found that I cannot take my Nucynta at the same time as the Marinol. I need to have the marinol in my system about 60-90 minutes before I take the Nucynta. Otherwise the side effects are not very good. The weather has been pretty bad here lately so I have not really been able to see if it works to effectively manage the pain on "normal" pain level days. Bad weather flares up my TN to peak levels and I have not found anything to bring it down until the weather passes and the pressure stabilizes. I was expecting more nausea relief than what I am getting though. I am still having to take my nausea meds on top of the marinol.

I will keep you updated though how things progress!