Long Day

The pain is so bad right now I can barely focus but hopefully writing will make me feel better.

My family came up to the college to see me today. It was really nice to see them, and I hid my symptoms very well but now that they're gone I'm pent up in my dorm trying to decide what I should do right now. Every turn of my head seemed to set off the pain today and the wind blowing on my face while we were in the stands at the soccer game was absolute torture. The pain is probably at its worst right now, it is so bad I can only describe it as being hit by lightning, being attached to a pulsing car battery and having my face lit on fire all at the same time. the back of my head, face, temple, and behind my eye are in so much pain. Just when i get some relief on one side of my face I immediately get the pain on the other side. None of the pain relievers I have available in my dorm can even take the edge off (ibuprofen, acetaminophen, naproxen). I don't know what to do. Classes start up again at 9 am tomorrow and I'm worried that if I go like this I may pass out like I did a few weeks ago. But I also can't go to the hospital tonight because I'm only 17 and I don't want to make my parents drive all the way back up here again, especially since my little sister is really sick with a head cold right now. I want to cry but I know that won't help. I feel like a zombie. What I wouldn't give for tomorrow to be Thursday so I can see my neuro and get some relief.

What are you doing currently besides the over the counter pain medicine? Will this be the first time to see a neuro (surgeon) or is it a neurologist? Everyone will give you a different idea of what helped their pain so I will not as that is frustrating. Do what you have to do to keep your symptoms down and pray that time will go by quickly until you see your physician and that tomorrow will be better. I will pray for a good nite of sleep and a good day tomorrow and over the next few days of school!!

Jay in North Idaho.

I am praying for you right this very minute. Please let your parents know the level of your pain. I am the mother of a 18 year old college freshman, and I would with 100% certaintity want to know. They are the ones who care and love you the most, you need their help. You are very brave to go thru this by yourself. Call your neurgolist and tell them what your level of pain is, and that you need to get in there sooner. I don tknow what you are taking now, but make sure he knows that it is not workiong for you. Please keep us posted to how your doing. You are so very brave, and don t feel you are alone. Please let Mom and Dad know. They are in the best position to help you. Many prayers for you.

Oh Hun, I feel SO bad for you right now. I know all those zapping, jolting, excruciating feelings so well...although I'm an adult, and NOT in college, stuck in a dorm room around noisy college kids, who don't understand. Please know we are all here for you & PRAYING my heart out tonight that your pain subsides enough for you to get thru the night & the rest of your week until your doctors appointment. You HAVE to however, be open & honest with your family, and make sure they know what you are going thru, even if they don't understand. One thing I do is when my pain is at it's worst, I just start writing down the exact time, what I was feeling like jolting, burning, zapping, however you describe that moment, and then your pain level out of 10. Keep doing that with EVERY time you get jolted for several days. I know its a lot, but that way you have proof of what you've been feeling, especially if you do end up at the hospital, you can take that journal with you. Obviously, you don't have the right medications available to even help you even somewhat get the pain under control. Please consider finding someone in your college town that you can go to in case of an emegency. A friend of a friend, another friends parents, aunts uncles, SOMEONE try to find someone that will be there for you if you need them. ANOTHER TN person in your town, I don't know where you live or are going to school, otherwise, I'd try to find someone for you myself. PRAYING for you sweetheart! Hang in there! (From a mom who totally understands)