Let The Zombie Games Begin!

Oh curse you, BRAIN FOG. Such a simple, harmless sounding very evil side effect of tegretol, neurontin, lyrica and other medications that is utterly life changing for many of us. I've decided to keep a list of ALL of the words, names/phrases I forget and have the good fortune to regain, hours sometimes days after I've tried to recall them.

Trigeminal Neuralgia - It's either laugh or cry so I find it absolutely hilarious there are times I actually cannot recall the tongue twisting name of my condition. And when I do remember, if I'm explaining it to a non-physician, I may as well have said something more interesting like Narciso Rodriguez or Oscar de la Renta. They're just as difficult to say, but at least some people have heard of them!

Wine Cellar - I said to my wife, "You know that thing people keep wine in?" She replied, "You mean a refrigerator?" LOLZ

Natalie Imbruglia - I'm usually one of those people who hears the first 3 notes of a song and can list the title, singer, and often year, not anymore! I don't bemoan the loss of this as much as I do my ability to remember names and faces of neighbors and family members. Now I make a point to try to remember a person's name EVERY time I see them in the event that I may actually have to call them by it for introductions or random conversation. One can only be called "Hey You" so many times before my deficit is discovered.

Beans - Yes folks, "beans" was replaced by "brains" at the grocery this week. "Hey Hon, don't you need more BRAINS! …… BRAINS! Um, I mean beans!" Apparently it isn't enough for my meds to make me FEEL like I zombie, I'm actually becoming one too! Is it not enough I can't remember simple words I learned at age 3? Now I have to deal with my mind ineffectually replacing them with other ones really inappropriate for the present situation. And the longer I'm on my meds, the stupider I'll become. Awesome! Let the zombie games begin!

I'm new at this so I want you to hear from you. Give me your forgotten words. I think it can very much help to share.

honey are you going to cook some chork pops on the barbeque?

Too funny! I have a problem remembering all KINDS of things........so I am having a problem with an example right now, but if I think of one, I will definitely put it on here!

I am lucky to feel smart enough not to eat my own poop. My husband has to finish my sentences.

That woman is having a fissy hit.

lol, I'd love to chime in but I can't even remember the things that I can't remember!

thats so true brandywine, and forget about the jokes i used to know. i dont remember how to be funny anymore it just happens when im not trying. has anyone said something inappropriate by mistake? i know for sure i have and i will tell you when i remember. LOL

What were we talking about?

LOL tkal!!!

so why did the kitchen cross the road?

so why did the kitchen cross the road?

blank stare

I once asked my DH to pick up some krauts at the store. Of course I MEANT brats.