Laser treatment for neuropathic dental pain in front tooth

My dentist is offering treatment with diode laser 810nm wavelength.
Historically, laser tx has been a scam. Frankly, it’s hard to know where to place the laser… the tooth already has had a root canal. Bad dentist that did that.

Hey WM,

With what sort of assurances/guarantees?
If it’s already had a root canal, is it infected?
Laser tech has come a long way, but if it’s infected and that infection can’t get out, there’s a high likelihood the infection will reoccur, repeatedly.

If it’s a irritated nerve issue, how does the laser relieve it? Nerve issues can be notorious as pain can be triggered anywhere along the nerve branch and not necessarily at the point of irritation. There’s also some medications specifically for ‘Nerve pain’, but from my experience with these medications, I’d suggest they are am option of last resort (They really messed with my mind), but this is something that would need to be discussed with your Dr’s.

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Sometimes people just want to help and sometimes they also think they know more than they do …If you already have some trepidation about the laser treatment I would honor that and be cautious.

This year I completed a 3 year Odyssey of seeing 4 different Endodontists multiple times before 3 out of 4 agreed that the pain at a new site is neuropathic in origin and not dental .After what I had previously been through I needed certainty…

Previously a dentist in good faith told me to never allow a different painful tooth to be pulled because patients like me end up losing a lot of good teeth…I suffered a lot of pain for years before a new dentist said he thought the tooth was cracked. It was pulled and IT DID have a crack, Post extraction the pain improved significantly ( but did not cease ). The tooth site pain WAS Neuropathic pain but the newly identified crack meant I also had dental origin pain.

We can be complicated patients . Its very helpful to get other opinions…

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Bad dentist did the root canal. It was NOT infected. That was in 2007…not many of us knew to not let a dentist create more pain. I don’t think that the laser tx is a risk. The problem is that many applications are necessary and it needs to be applied in the right place. On the tooth as the dentist instructed shows that she is another limited dentist. The medical system is not prepared to treat us other than same old drugs with side effects and poor efficacy. I’m looking for others who have actually tried a laser treatment.

i did not gather your intent .
Hopefully you can find that info.
There is a Dentist at Duke who treats facial pain related to dental issues if you are interested /have opportunity . He has been a good resource .