Has anyone had Juvederm, a filler for facial lines, and did it bother your TN?

I had it about 3 month ago and all of a sudden I have new symptoms.

I checked with the facial pain center in Fl prior to the injections and they had no data.

Thank you!

My dermatologist told me I could never have Botox, Juvederm or other fillers.

I agree with him!!!!

Hi, I get juvederm and Botox a few times a year and it’s never bothered my GPN. It isn’t injected down to the nerves so if yours flares up I’d personally find a new injector.

Thanks, it really made a great difference in how I look, but 3 months later I did get a flare up. I have to think about it!

Thank you again! That is good news. :)