Is fatigue part of TN?

For the past 2 days I feel as if I can't sleep enough. I have various reasons in my life for being tired, the main one: being the mom of 9 kids with the youngest 2 being 3 1/2 and almost 2. But this has been different. Not depression, been there done that. Not flu, no other symptoms. Nothing I'm used to causing it, but I am having the pain in my face (only) right now, so I'm wondering. I haven't been to a Neuro Dr. for a second opinion about the TN, but based on everything I've read here, the docs really don't know that much about it anyway! :) I doubted the diagnoses at first, but I had my teeth cleaned a few weeks ago, and the pain that developed over the next hour or two was THE WORST I have felt in my LIFE! Soooo, I will turn to all of you to help me discover the ins & outs of this affliction. Thanks in advance for all your help.

I don't think the TN itself makes you tired........I think it's the meds they put you on. They can make you zombie-like at times. Coffee is my best friend now, LOL. And it doesn't even work all the time. I have gotten up to 1200 mg of tegretol a day so I stay pretty tired.

Certainly the medication will make you tired. I am managing my TN completely through Chiropractic care, but I have noticed that if I am tired and/or stressed I get much more "achiness" in the lower side of the jaw.

Pain just plain wears you out Gertie, but the dental work sounds like it put you in a "flare". If you've had a Neuro give you a diagnosis of TN then I would run with that and waste no time getting to a Pain Clinic. Anything they tell you can be researched here....a multitude of info. The pain puts you in a hurry to find help but you need to research to help you evaluate the pros and cons of whatever treatment plan you are given. Best of luck to you. Keeping you in my thoughts! PeacenLove Always~Laurel

My neurologist looked at me and said pain will exaust you!