Iron man?...or woman :P

So bloody tired..8 hrs parenteral iron makes mel a dull girl *yawn*. Feeling eternally tired right about now so lets helps 1litre of the cocacola looking stuff makes a diff!!! Even after a 7 hour nap any mammal within 3 metres range should be aware of there warm pillow potential in my eyes lol !x

Just remembered that a blog should be informative right? and this is more like a half brained announcement...ok information...will come soon when i can dig up anemia explanations but for now, for any of you who have IV iron, i would definitely say:

Cosmofer which i had today is the most conveninet as i was able to have the equivalent to 5 appointments (total dose) in one sitting and i feel less side effects than with other iron types which burn the veins alot more going in and cause aching in the hips and back. I have been told this is very well tolreated and so far agree as it has only been about 7 hours since it was finished in which time i have slept. But in my experience side effects can come to pester you as late as two days after the infusion making you feel like you have been run over :P

There are different types of anemia but i have iron deficient anemia which does affect my red blood count numbers a little but mostly my ferritin level as well as giving me small pale and fewer blood cells per test ammount than i should have.

Blood health is crucial to staying well and anemia though common can get out of hand and affect a person greatly even the more common forms like i have.

oxygen is needed for so many bodily functions that the red blood its carrier should be looked after. Problems with anemia means less oxygen when you need it where you need it which in turn puts pressure on your body to keep up. It is not uncomon for me to have a fast pulse even when resting and to feel light headed or headache at some excercise.

The most commonly stated symtoms of anemia are tiredness, dizziness or even palpitations but there are LOTS more.

I personally have had the following in connection with anemia: Tiredness(initially feeling worn out but then its like your body is so heavy no matter how much you sleep, your still knackered!)Aching muscles/cramping and having to take breaks when doing regular activities, restless legs at night (SUPER ANNOYING) and pins and needles in feet and hands,palpitations fast pulse, pale skin, losing alot of hair, changes in apetite and insomnia.

That list is all i can remebr for now and though i was told all those problems were from my anemia i did not believe that and thought the doctor was just trying to put all my symptoms into one box to avoid further tests, it was not until i had my first iron iv that things changed , some immediately and som eover a months or two and i was horrified at how much i was being affected! It can sneak up on you and you just become used to the silly symtoms.

The first time i had iron iv i believe my haemoglobin(red blood count) was 8 and my ferritin(stored iron) was 4. Withing 2 days my heart rate slowed down ALOT and i slep amazingly well for the first time in a long time, i also got a tan which was crazy and i felt that my cheeks could become rosy easily, all thanks to more iron and in turn more oxygen where it should be ^_^.

ANYWAY enough of my blabbings now..i was just trying to remebr off the top of my head what i know and be positive about it. I tried various oral iron before but i never tolerated it well or my numbers just didnt rise like they should have so i ended up taking it introvenously. I hope tomorow or soon i will feel more energetic because right now i feel like an overcooked piece of spaghetti that will break apart haha.

Oh also one more is important to really search for the CAUSE of your anemia if it is chronic as you should not have to take it the rest of yourself life unless you have certain illnesses. I have been anemic since i can remebr and as of yet only been given some untested possibilities so i am still in the process of investigating it, today i was tested for celiacs disease which i dont think i fit but apprently it can even be asymptomatic so i did not reject the test :)

i will stop now before i type you to death hehe and also..because i have no checked this there is likely many mistakes and we all know tegretol can be rubbish for concentration, but then is anemia, aha! i forgot that symtom, poor concentration and irritabilty to concentrate on tasks for extended period of time!.ok i really am going now, hope u learned even something small from my ramblings and if not, thanks for checking here anyway *wave*

I stay tired all the time too. I know it's because of the increase in meds.