Hi, all. My name is Jo. I'm a 47 year old wife (that's hubby and myself in my profile pic) and Mom to two adult kids (no grandchildren yet). I'm a vegan, a Christian (a very open-minded one -- I'm 100% FOR same-sex marriage as I strongly believe LOVE IS LOVE) with a Bohemian heart & soul and I'm the manager of a local laundromat.

I've been living with GPN for seven years now (how and when it was discovered is all in my profile). I have TERRIBLE insurance, so, surgery is likely out of the question for someone with our limited finances, however, I am curious if anyone here has personally had any success with it -- I would LOVE to know all about that. I have heard that there is a chance of partial facial paralysis with the surgery...

I'm grateful for this site and look forward to enlightenment.

Much thanks.

Peace and serenity,


I had MVD surgery in December of 2011. I had immediate relief and have not had pain since!

MVD surgery worked 100% for me, but recovery was really rough. My speech, sense of balance, eyesight and sense of taste were all affected to some degree or another after surgery. I regained everything I lost within days or months but it would have been worth it because the pain was unbearable. As bad as my insurance is, by choosing an MD And hospital that accepts it, my out of pocket was “only” about $5K. Even with bad insurance, they will work with you if you choose wisely or sign up with a State pool if/when one opens up… give it a try. Good luck. Your journey is just beginning…