Intrathecal pain pump

has anyone had or considered having a pain pump implanted

i've tried it all. i realize it's off the beaten track but i'm desperate x 10.

i've consulted with several pain docs regarding intrathecal pain pump; each has a different view.

most of the time i think no way i can't go through another surgery that may fail.

but i can't live with this pain.

any input appreciated. thanks!

Hi Bluesea - anything that has the potential to help isn't off the beaten track. Has anyone any experience with these or looked into using them before?

The neurosurgeon I am consulting with thinks not a pain pump will help but possibly a spinal chord stimulator. He thinks because I have more constant, burning pain, that my pain may be neuropathic and the stimulator would send signals to my central nervous system to help with the pain. Not sure what I think of that quite yet. If I may ask, what else have you tried for the pain? Surgery, meds, alternative therapies?


i've tried it all. if you click on my profile you can see what i've tried.

best of luck in finding relief.

How long have you been dealing with this and how many operations have you had??