Intraoral block to help with pain or break pain cycle

My dentist has offered to do a routine nerve block( lidocaine)without ephedrine to see if it could help break up pain cycle. I think we spoke of a mental nerve block for pain in lip,chin, and along jaw line which increases with talking. I believe the other option is an alveolar for periodic pain/numbness in tongue.

Does anyone have an opinion on this helping or hurting? I’d rather not try it if I old be worse. I’ve not seen any literature on this helping.

My original pain was not brought on by dental work, but from being anesthesized and hyperextended for an unrelated surgery.

Thanks so much for your opinions.


Hi Kathy, I understand your misery, :frowning: .
I am a dental hygienist, so I will offer my opinion. I would say that this would be a temporary relief possibly. If you choose to go this route, make double sure that your dentist is competent one in anesthesia, there are risks involved with the amounts that can be given.
The longest lasting anesthesia that I use when I anesthetize my own patients is Marcaine, it can last anywhere from 5-7 hours, but you can have drug interaction with some of the antidepressants/anti anxiety meds that you may already be on. Lidocaine will not last very long, especially with patients like us who seem to not find relief with anything. I myself am in total miserable pain, but to me this dental anesthesia route would not be one I would take for myself.
The mental and intra alveolar blocks are the correct areas you would need pain coverage. I also have pain in my palate, and there is a greater palatine block for that as well, which can trickle down the throat also for coverage.
If you are not on other drugs, and you are desperate to try anything, then I wouldn’t try and change your mind, but I would use extreme caution if you are on other meds. Here is a link to read more on Marcaine and the toxicity risks,
Best of luck for a pain free week.