If You Could Choose 2 New Things For Your Support Group What Would They Be?

This post was written by Lovett, a Moderator on Fibromyalgia Support. Lovett is one of the 200+ Volunteer Moderators on Ben's Friends Support Communities. Rather than just posting this on the Fibromyalgia site, I thought every community would benefit from this discussion. :)

Hello Everyone
As you know Ben's Friends is growing, changing, improving and asking for feedback from our dedicated member's. We have just recently shared the results of the survey that was done on how Ben Friends impacts your life, we were extremely proud of the results, and thank you to all the members who participated in the survey.
However, it did get us to wondering what we could do to make the communities even stronger. So, if you could share 2 things that you would like to see on your support group, we'd be grateful and we'll try to make them happen! You can share your ideas with us in the Comments. :)
Please feel free to give us a little detail with your suggestions. Some ideas could work for some communities and not others, that's fine. We have a wonderful group of people who all are striving for the same goal and I am sure the suggestions you will provide us with will be as exciting as all the new changes that are happening in our future.
Thanks again for taking the time to make us even stronger!
Lovett & the Ben's Friends Volunteer Moderators