April 2012 Community Newsletter

Dear Friends and Family of LivingwithGPN,

April – the smell of spring in the air!

Spring brings a lot of positive notes: it signals growth and rebirth. As Ben’s Friends, our patient support group is growing real fast. As a member community, you’ll see stats on how we contributed to this growth as reported below. Be assured that no matter how small the contribution may be, it adds up and it is very much appreciated!

Our presence is being felt globally online and we recognize your participation on this. We thank you all for your efforts in inviting friends over and sharing more of your inspiring stories. Your active support of our sites through discussions, forums and blogs is very heart-warming which moves us to work even harder for you through more projects and activities.

While we celebrate on these accomplishments, we encourage you to continue on getting the most of your communities.



1. Welcome New Members

2. Featured Blog Post

3. Celebrating All BensFriends Support Network Video

4. Community Stats


Welcome New Members


Welcome to our site!

We have been waiting earnestly for you – as we know the difficulties and challenges of facing a rare health condition can be. We are very eager to help you and offer our support!

As we try to do that, we encourage you to get the most out of your membership by making your presence felt.

  • Make it a goal to get to know a fellow member each week by adding them as a friend and share notes.
  • Invite contacts from your mail box by sending links to blogs and discussion threads in your community that moved you. For starters, check out the series “When Sickness Strikes The Family” featured on our blog page.
  • Tweet and post updates on your Facebook and blog pages.

And of course, we want to hear from you and know how you are doing, so please post those blogs and comments and keep them coming!

We hope that you will enjoy your membership in the community, much as we enjoy seeing you here!

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Featured Blog Post : When Sickness Strikes the Family – Acceptance and a Candid Assessment


In this blog featured in every Ben’s Friends Patient Community, our writer Armando Abrero shared some very important points on the first steps families must take once a member is confirmed to be sick, especially of a debilitating illness. He shares how acceptance prepares a family emotionally and how information empowers a family to make relevant decisions. It is very informative, leaving our readers waiting in anticipation for the rest of this series.

Read more of this post here.

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Celebrating All BensFriends Support Network Video


Watch this fantastic video created by JC Colyer, celebrating all of Bensfriends support communities in one great video. http://blog.bensfriends.org/post/21599613969/fantastic-video-by-jc-celebrating-all-of-the

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Community Stats

Number of Members as of April 1, 2012 :155
New Members Joined Last Month: 9

If you know someone who can benefit from Bensfriends, invite them to join our amazing community and tell them how our community had been your source of strength and great support!

Warmest Regards,

Your Community Moderators