I have symptoms of ATN for the last four months, where do I go, what do I do to keep it from getting worse? who should I go to? please help me!

It started as a numbness on the edge of my upper and lower left lip, eventually it morphed and it's now affecting the side of my nose and front teeth, now I feel that mild pain on that side of the tongue and at times on the eye lid.

My pain is mild however (more of discomfort), that doesn't stop me from being very scared though

I had a root canal 5 years ago... (would that be related?)

I went to neurologist and he did an MRI Fiesta and saw nothing bad on the nerve and no blockages which rules out a bunch of stuff, I asked him about TN and he said not likely because of my age and the fact I have no stabbing pain anywhere, nor horrible pain at all.

I was referred to an ENT who checked me and told me via CT scan that I have chronic maxillary sinus on that side due to structural issues but she doesn't think my sinus is my issue

instead she thinks I have some "little neuralgia that probably will go away" and sent me on my way with no medicine nothing

the pain is very relatable to my mood, the happier I am the less I feel it, the more nervous the more I feel it. (Some friends think it's psychosomatic as I have some anxiety and contained anger from a few years ago which I would like to address with a psychologist soon)

but what do I do? Do I go back and demand any medicine? I am aware that if untreated ATN can continue to get worse... how do u get diagnosed?

please help me I don't know where to go!