How To Greet New Members


Thanks to Abby (from Chiari group) for sharing tips on how to greet new members. We appreciate all your contribution to this site. Everyone is important here, and you are the first folks that they come into contact with so please make everyone feel comfortable and at home here.

Here are some of her suggestions how you greet.

We suggest you say:

1. Hello and Welcome, Hello Mary, welcome,

2. So nice to meet you and glad you joined us.

3. Pick out something in their BIO, that makes it personal ~ You have a lovely name, I too have ___ So sorry you were diagnosed with TN, but glad your here with us. You have a beautiful daughter, etc.

In addition to this section, I might say, You will love the friends you meet here, they are awesome. They are so nice and kind.

4. We have a Welcome Page, First time user guide, and Resources for you.

5. Please feel right at home with discussions, questions, concerns, etc.

6. If you need anything, please let us know.

7. I always say, God Bless and Praying for you and your daughter, son, etc.

Remember, we are here to support and get support. Everyone here is wonderful and you get more out of it than you give, if you know what I mean. I am so very blessed each day, coming here and being a part of this group.

Again, your help here is so important and you folks are wonderful for helping and giving your time.