How long does it take your doctor to call or e-mail you back?

Hi everyone,

I've seen this one orofacial pain doctor who recommended I change up my current med. He gave me a chart with a schedule of what to take on each day. He told me to e-mail him with any issues and he'd be happy to correspond with me instead of bringing me into the clinic again.

I had really bad pain when I first started and I e-mailed, and I got a response back within minutes. It was really brief and didn't give me enough details to figure out what exactly to do, so I responded back with an additional question. No answer. I called the clinic and the receptionist said he would call me back. He didn't, but I did get an e-mail from him a few days later asking how things were going. I responded and asked how to proceed. No answer. I e-mailed again one week later, and again no response. I called the clinic and the receptionist said he was busy with other engagements and would get back to me. It's now past the last date that he wrote on the chart so I don't even know what dose I'm supposed to be taking today, so I'm basically winging it. I even went to see my family doctor and he admitted that he doesn't know because he doesn't have experience treating facial pain patients.

This doctor was really good when I went to see him in person, but I'm frustrated that I was told to follow up by e-mail but getting inconsistent responses. Have you guys been in this situation before? I feel like it's not professional to make me guess how to optimize my meds when you offered guided support. If he was too busy to respond to e-mailed questions, he should have asked me to book a follow-up appointment in person, which I would have been happy to do. He's booked up several weeks in advance so I can't just run to the clinic for an appointment.

I just got a reply back. It seems like my mucking about with the doses myself was OK and I should keep on doing what I'm doing. Better later than never...Luckily, I know enough myself to take care of myself to an extent. I wonder what happens to those who don't.