Hooray for withdrawals

And by hooray I mean... not!

I was put on the Butrans Transdermal patch a few months ago, but my new doctor wants me off ASAP. (they gave no relief anyway...just horrible side effects)

The patches cannot be "cut" in half so basically... you just have to take it off and be done.

Supposedly because of the drug's half life and how it binds with the opiod receptors blah blah blah lol... withdrawals are "supposed" to be "mild."

Imagine restless leg syndrome... but its your whole body... with skin crawling and crazy hot/cold flashes. Not gonna lie... its not fun. But i know it eventually will be a good thing being off of them. I know it could be MUCH worse... but its very hard to work at a desk for 8 hours :/ I have no more sick days left and its only April. My FMLA will only cover 4 weeks of sick leave between now and August. the FMLA would not cover me working half-time for a few weeks... which I could do honeslty... its just the full 8 that is really hard. :/

Well, for GOOD news...2 more days until my Occipital Nerve Block!! never thought I'd be so excited for shots in the back of my head :D

<3 Katie

(( hugs))
Sorry to hear about the withdrawals…sounds awful!
Good luck with the nerve block! : )
Mimi xx

That sounds terrible. You are a very brave person. I wish you all the best with your continuing withdrawal. I really hope the shots work for you. I have never heard of them being used for TN. Keep us posted as to how successful they are for you. It is always good to have more information.

Try Bental for stomach issues & chills good luck my thoughts & prayers are with you I know the feeling & I pray it passes quickly.

Maybe just one benydryl would take the edge off???

Let us know how the block goes....

Thank you all :)) I have have zofran and xanax to help take the edge off... i woke up this morning covered in sweat again ... not very pleasant but there are worse things lol

My doctor right now is more concerned with my neck/occiptal nerves vs the trigeminal at this point--he believes that if he can get the Occipital nerves calmed down and my neck muscles from knoting/spaspming... this should hopefully calm everything down.

Tomorrow we'll hopefully know for certain with a nerve block if were getting the right spot :))

Sorry to hear all you’re going through. Good Luck tomorrow. I’ve been thinking about a nerve block, have only tried meds so far. Keep us posted…