Historical look at TN treatment

I am reading a biography about Dr William Stewart Halsted. Halsted was a pioneer in general surgery. Things he pioneered are taking for granted today. Sadly, he became addicted to cocaine, trying to find a way to deaden pain during surgery. He also experimented using it for nerve pain. Imagine my surprise when I read he used it to treat TN. Mind you Halsted died in 1922, at the age of 63. While this would never be allowed to happen today, it was considered the cutting edge TN treatment of it's time.

A lot of early TN treatment in the United States, happened at Johns Hopkins, in Baltimore, MD. In addition to Halsted, there was a neurosurgeon, named Walter Dandy, that pioneered what we now know as MVD surgery. Sadly, most of his patients died. Thing is we are talking the early part of the last century, and the fact any of his patients survived is amazing! Peter Janetta, perfected Dandy's early work, and for that I am sure I, and a lot of others are grateful!


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