how do you get someone to understand the pain you are in? after a bit of a disagreement with my hubby (he is finding it tiring listening to me say that im sore) i need to try and get it through to him (and others) just how bad this is

Jennifer it is hard but my husband has seen my face go from a little twitching to alot, to my be so outgoing to me not wanting to leave the house. He reasures me that it is not that bad and he winks at me ( he is trying to be funny) because it looks like I am always winking. After my first MVD and seeing me in pain and not trying to complain and cooking a big easter dinner the day I got out of hospital and , trying to do things I can't like I did before. I have good days and bad days and real bad days. I think it is hard to explain our pain but the change in our personality anyone that knows us will know we are in pain. My husband is amazing and supportive so is my boss and co workers they also know when I am in pain they say they can see it in my eyes and I am very quite. I try not to complain because I am sick of listening to myself but somedays I apoligize for complaining. NO one can feel the way we do if they don't have it and to try and make them understand is hard. Your husband must see the difference in you ( complaining set aside) and that should tell him everything.

There has been an almighty row in his family over him ‘having to deal with me’ this is all a result of him putting me first for a change instead of them. It was evident at a family gathering that I was in a lot of pain but I still went to show face, I had bitchy comments all night and when Ryan (my hubby) stood up for me and said he was taking me home they erupted not happy that he’d done this. I hope to god nothing like this happens to them cos they can think twice if they want sympathy from me!