Help! hugs and prayers!

I have facial drooping and drooling several times a week. While talking to my doc last week I told him I was happy with facial improvement but needed help with pain management. He took me off schedule II meds at my request. I told him I couldn’t live with type I and II pain every frigging day. He says that’s why TN has a high suicide rate. WHAT???

Oh Darling, try not to panic. I just read your post. I was going to suggest ‘Bells Palsy’, as my mother had it. I’m wondering if it can occur again? I think your Neuro needs to send you for an MRI! Please don’t take much notice of the other thing he mentioned! I remember freaking out when I found that out too! But that was more about the old days when not much was known about TN & there was not much they could do for you. But now, there is & it sounds like you need help A.s.a.p! I think you need to get to your G.P. or Hospital today! You need some pain relief for starters. Stay on line of you can. I’m sure some one smarter than me can advise you. Hugs Sally

My bells never truly healed. I have atypical bells and both type I and II TN. I only stayed in the bed 4 days after it hit and then I went back to work as a nurse 12 hours a day. It helped taking care of others but 3 years of constant pain is wearing me thin! I don’t care what I look like. I care how I feel

It used to be called the suicide disease -- before many treatments were invented