Hello there Atlantan


Welcome to Living with Facial Pain! Sounds like you are proud of the city you come from haha. Like many of our members when they first join - it sounds like you found this community soon after being diagnosed. Fortunately, many people on here are very open and willing to help when it comes to sharing their experiences. Feel free to go ahead and start getting involved in discussion, or search for a particular topic by clicking on the search icon (top right hand corner of the green bar).

Best of luck and feel free to let me know if you have any questions!

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Welcome! I hope you find the relief you seek and take advantage of the tremendous support we have here. Be been battling TN1 for 3 years. Iā€™m finally opting for MVD surgery in August. This will be the last treatment I get due to complications from a prior procedure that caused nerve damage and pain for which there is no treatment for. I love to hear success stories people have so keep us informed. Take Care,