I am new to this GPN diagnosis and all it's problems. Mine is atypical. I am taking gabapentin and it helps somewhat. High on my list is headaches and just how much pain killer can you take. I do not want to become addicted to a narcotic. Also my voice is changing, will that go away if I stop the gabapentin. Any suggestions for a doctor in Tucson who is familiar with GPN. All help appreciated.

A change in my voice has always been one of my symptoms. I do not take gabapentin as I can not tolerate it, so I doubt that it is causing a change in your voice. The voice being affected is supposed to be rare, but as you look around here you’ll see a large number of symptoms that are supposed to be rare. My voice has sounded like I’m deaf, speaking with a British accent, just plain old gruff, to everything in between. I don’t know what you are experiencing, but mine will change in the middle of speaking.

As for the headache, I have had mild success with a topical Peppermint Stick rubbed on the affected areas. It is comprised of Beeswax, Sunflower Oil, Peppermint Oil, Rosemary Oil, Menthol Crystals, and Vitamin E. The website is www.scentsofamerica.com I’ve also had some success with Tiger Balm. Please note that these do not get rid of the headache entirely, just lower the wattage.

I think that you are right to want to avoid narcotics.

Hi Pat, low dose triphasic antidepressents work really well with atypical type pain for TN 2. Would probably have similar effect with the GPN nerves. May be worth exploring with your doctor.

Sorry to be late to the party to reply but I have been very ill .My neurologist prescribes Maxalt sub-lingual and we use a compounded 5% Lidocaine cream topically for headaches . These have been have been very helpful for basic migraine headaches. For the GPN I could not find another med beside opiates that was effective without affecting my mentation . To give you an idea of life on opiates here is my recent story : For the other pains associated with GPN I have been on an extended release opiate for several years with every 3 month V2V3 injections . ( I was told I was not a surgical candidate). Rather than escalate the opiate we do the injections. For the past two years I have finally had my pain under control . NO crises where I was BEGGING for a V2V3 injection every month to maintain my sanity.NO needing to add in steroids to stop the pain. But just recently I have developed some unusual abdominal issues.Is this related to the opiate ?? Possibly .The extended release narcotic I take requires a functioning bowel to work. The prep for the colonoscopy I had recently put me into severe withdrawal ( I use to be an Addiction med. M.D. so I know what I am talking about re: withdrawal ). Tomorrow I go and see the Pain P.A. to discuss changing opiates , possibly trying to wean off . The thought is terrifying ..to risk the pain again ….in the past I thought about ending my Life but God's grace led me to the right doctor…..to sum up my thoughts on addiction as someone who just went through some severe withdrawal symptoms ----.there is a huge difference between addiction and physical dependence . The Hardcore Addiction people will tell you anyone on an Opiate chronically is an Addict. By definition an Addict is someone whose dependence on the substance (not their illness which requires the use of the opiate ) causes a major interference with their Life. WOULD you rob to keep from being in withdrawal or would you be able to suffer and convince yourself that all opiate withdrawals end at some point ? Withdrawal is true suffering --but not like the severe pain we all know.It was pure misery as I writhed around. But it ended as my bowel slowly started back to some semblance of normal functioning . Some doctors will put you into a mild withdrawal to switch you from one narcotic to another. I WISH I had found a seizure med that worked for me and I am thinking of trying again --to ask to be put on one and see if I can lower if not get off the opiates . BUT ----thank GOD I have had TWO years of not feeling utter terror when that familiar pain in my face would start up . The opiates gave me two years of being functional .Then my body betrayed me with new issues ( muscles tearing for unknown reasons three times in the past 6 months; 15 months of back to back UTIs along with Interstitial Cystitis --cause ? ). Pain upon Pain…..I just want to make the point that for the right person opiates are not the Road to Hell. I am so grateful to have had the past two years of being able to function somewhat normally and NOT being in TERROR from the pain episodes. I respect people who say they would never use opiates . I personally have never drank alcohol in my life for religious reasons ….but for some people opiates may be the only way to stay alive and not end their life .

Hello I also take gabapentin 75ML twice a day.I have seen people on a lot more e.g. 300 ML 3 times a day.If I take any more I get side effects. My voice changes becomes ruff croaky but I have gpn due to an operation so it could be related to that.I'm in the uk so can't help with doctor.hope you find a good one.