Having a nerve block on Thursday

Hi -

I've been spending the early part of the summer going to a new neurologist specialist and an ENT that my neuro works closely with. They both feel strongly that it is GPN (although atypical - so I had a bunch of tests to rule out other things like Menniere's, infections, etc.).

My neuro said that they can't see anything on the MRI (no wrapping vessels, etc), so he thinks the nerve irritation must be after if leaves the skull and travels along the face. I'm not sure this makes sense with what I have heard from others on the forum - that with some the issue isn't seen until MVD is actually performed.

What was recommended as a next step for me was a nerve block in the glosso. nerve. This is done under sedation at the back of the throat. At the same time, I will be getting my tonsils out. Yes, at 39, I'm getting a tonsillectomy. It turns out that I have a chronically infected tonsil on the same side as the pain. My tonsils have been this size all my adult life - so I didn't know there was anything wrong with them. I doubt this will have any impact on the pain, but the doctor insisted on doing this - saying he could never rule out the tonsils as interfering if I didn't get them removed.

I'm told that the nerve block will last about 2 months and if it is successful I should have GPN pain relief during that period. Has anyone here had one? I haven't heard of anyone else getting one to solidify their diagnosis.

I'll update afterwards to say if it works...


I had my tonsils out at 29. It's no fun as an adult. Frozen peas on my throat was the only thing to help the pain. I have had successful MVD Surgery. I have also had multiple nerve blocks & ablation therapy. They have all helped with pain relief. I had a CSF leak that turned into chemical meningitis after my MVD & my mastoid bone got broken causing Motion sickess for 6-8 months. It was all worth it. I would do it again in a second.

Tracy -

Thanks so much for your response. I am really hopeful that the nerve block will work and therefore give a 100% confirmation of the diagnosis. The Head and Neck doctor I am seeing says that if I can't manage the pain long-term with medicine that he would do a rhizotomy. But what I have read from that is that you lose function. I would rather have the MVD and will start searching for doctors if the nerve block is successful.

It is really gratifying to hear that you would do it all over even with the serious challenges you had during recovery.