GPN Questions

Hi Folks,

I'm new to this forum- I've been diagnosed with GPN in July of 2010. My GPN is caused (as confirmed by MRI) by the compressed nerve. I had all the common symptoms including sharp, penetrating pain shooting in the left ear caused by swallowing, sneezing, etc...I tried different medications: baclofen, neurontin, etc..finally what helped is Carbamezapine (1000 per day)...I have been in remission for the last 6 months now.

Just wanted to raise a few questions and see what everyone thinks:

1. Is it commonly accepted that out of all surgical solutions MVD is the preffered one for GPN caused by compressed nerve? If not, then in which situations MVD would not be recommend and what procedure would be preferrable?

2. Is it commonly accepted that accupuncture does NOT help with GPN?

3. In addition to all standard GPN symptoms I get tension headaches - does anyone get headaches, can headaches come as a result of GPN?

4. Anyone on this forum is a GPN patient in NY area?


hi mike

Well I have the understanding that it is better to get mvd asap after getting diagnosed because the nerve over time if is not decompressed the myalin sheath continues to get distroyed and never recovers. i am at that point now. i have had it 15 years but only diagnosed one year ago. the pain is constant. dull, stabbing, but continuous. Hope this helps

and i have continous headaches. some worse than others depends on day . time of day, and stress level!!