GN or Ménière's? Anyone taking Serc?

In addition to TN I have constant tinnitus and intense ear pain which gets worse with noise and escalates into the temple and eye area. I also experience vertigo and balanced issues. I tried a soft earplug but it hurt just to have it in. My GP prescibed Serc 16 mg 3 x a day I am going to start tomorrow as I had to attend a School Play and didn't want to have issues in public if there were any side affects. Boy the clapping was so intense it was like a million little hands clapping inside my head trying to bust their way out. Luckily its a small school so only 5 performances. Has anyone taken Serc and if so was it helpful?

You do not say if your ear pain is constant deep pain or stabbing pain. I have atypical GN with ear pain that feels like a really bad earache plus I have a tmj history needing surgery in 1986. My ear pain was screwdriver deep constant pain and hurt more on chewing and of course with tmj it went up into the temples. 20 years remission and now I am presenting with GN but with constant earache pain but I do get stabbing on chewing sometimes and the temple pain but I attribute more of that to my tmj. I get the pressure/full head feeling and my hearing is fine although I talk louder without knowing it. I have been to an ENT, had all the tests done and all was normal. Barometric changes in the weather really aggravate the pressure/plugged ear sensation. My daughter has a mild case of tmj and this weather change bothers her ears.

I know in all my googling about GN I did find some info about having deep ear pain that was constant. Just like TN, most doctors want to hear you say your pain is stabbing or electric shock like to get a dx for true TN and GN.

I don't know anything about that med but just wanted to mention symptoms of tmj go to the temple and TN affects the eyes. Sharon