Glossopharangeal nerve damaged

Anyone have damage to the nerve after selective neck dissection please.all so first bite syndrome .I'm 6weeks post operation the surgeon said he thinks it will improve in 6months or so but not get completely better.any info ,help,or just let me know how it progresses please.also meds and doses you find help you.thanks

Hi, I am not to sure what selective neck dissection surgery you had. I had C6-C7 fusion surgery that cause my GPN. Over stretched the carotid sheath and damaged the nerve. At first my ENT thought it could settle down as your doctor is saying. He said usually within 9 months and sometimes up to 2 years. First medication was a course of steroids to try to stop the inflammatory process. I am 3 years out and my nerve did not heal. But you are only 8 weeks out and hopefully have a good chance of recovery, just don't push yourself and do things that set that nerve off- rest and heal. Best to you and hope for a speedy recovery.

Thanks for the reply.sorry you are having to live with this.I have spoken to the hospital and yes I am trying to rush things it seems.When they told me the tuma that was removed was not cancer I felt I should be ok .did not allow for surgery.hope my nerve does heal but hay if it's not cancer Ill deal with it.thanks once again.