Frustration Mounting

Okay. So, my neurologist’s nurse finally called me back today from Tuesday regarding my reaction to tramadol. Then she says my doctor wants to prescribe toradol. I’m allergic to NSAIDs. I told my doctor that and put it on my intake form.

She says,“Well, what type of reaction do you have exactly?” So, I explain my reaction of severe stomach pain and diarrhea. I was also advised by my gastro doc (when I had my gallbladder out) to not take NSAIDs. I had to have my repeat endo and colonoscopy last month and he said to still avoid NSAIDs.

Then she said she’ll call me back, that was at 8:30am. I waited 2.5 months to see this doctor and now I feel I’m getting back to square one.

My GP prescribed me prednisone until I get to my orthopedic doctor next Friday for my shoulder (tendinitis, bursitis and partial tear) and I am miserable on it.

Typically I eat once a day due to my face pain, but on prednisone I feel so hungry. Eating more is reeking havoc on my face. Plus, the insomnia from taking prednisone is nuts.

Just had to vent. I do have Tylenol 3, but it’s not providing much relief. I just pray my face will just CALM DOWN because I can’t afford another ER trip.

I know I’m not this doctors only patient, but seriously.

I'm so sorry -- are you eating soft foods and shakes?

Drs do not understand the PAIN - nor our frustrations

I would get a new one - Period

I've seen too many people here go on and on fighting with thier idiot doctors - only to have to find somebody else after things get worse.

Keep Posting!!!!