Florida neurosurgen

It hurts!!!

i'm looking for a neurosurgeon in Florida with expertise in GPN. i'm in Tampa Bay area.

several docs believe I have glossopharyngeal neuralgia.

i'd have surgery in a second if I was sure.

I've tried every imaginable pain medication.

my pain is not textbook. For the last two years it's been nearly constant. It's not electric shock like but deep, stiff, burning, sore. often feels like there's a bone or tree limb inside front of neck. pain is on left side or center. it's located in throat, inner ear/s, tonsil area and occasionally back of tongue. pain in ear is "boring" type pain.

if anyone knows a doc in tampa area or in Florida I'd be so grateful.


Did you find a doctor in Tampa, bluesea? I am in Tampa, too, until June.

You may find this article helpful: http://nspc.com/pdf/TrigeminalNews_112w.pdf

It is an overview of cranial nerve vascular compression syndromes. Have you also been evaluated for Eagle Syndrome? Sometimes it goes together with GPN.