Fighting post-MVD

Hello All - following my MVD I had an extended period of cloudiness - felt like a severe concussion. I had a Neuro-Psych eval performed and the output was a recommendation to get some help with congnitive issues. There were 3 options recommended:

(1) in-person Speech Therapy (was has nothing to do with talking), this required traveling to the office, spending multiple F2F hours /week

(2) home-based computer training called CogMed - this is interesting and appears to be used with many children with ADHD, but costs ~$1,600.00 and you need to commit to an hour or so daily for about a month

(3) - an online, cloud-based brain training site which cost ~$70.00 for a years subscription. You just login from any computer for 15-20min a day of brain-training games

I went with Option #3 (figuring I can always move to 2 or 1 later if needed) and I was SHOCKED by how well it has worked. First it made it clear where my issues were - attention, focus and memory (turns out prob solving was great!) then each day had me do diff games. Now after 2 months, I feel like my brain is performing at much, much higher level than before TN arrived! Work life, home life, relationships -- all are improving b/c I'm here and firing on all cylinders.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Lumos Labs (the company who owns it) nor an investor, but wish I was...

Here is the link:

PS on the post-mvd fitness and fatigue fighting, I HIGHLY recommending getting a Fitbit activity and sleep tracker. More on that on a future post

Be Well and Be Strong!
Albee Shanefelter, TN Survivor