Feel like nerves are going haywire

I’ve had TN for about 25 years. My episodes of pain are few and far between for the most part. Several days ago, I developed a terrible headache at the back of my head and neck. Stress maybe? Then jolts of nerve pain in various locations. The strangest was yesterday when i had periodic electric shocks on my right side between the bottom of my rib cage and above my waist. Each time it happened it lasted less than a second but it really hurt and afterwards felt like my skin had been burned. I got random zaps on various parts of my body. This has never happened either. This morning, while eating a muffin, TN pain started immediately. Usually it starts slowly and increases in intensity over an hour or more. I have type two so the pain is pounding/throbbing/aching. In addition to the usual jaw pain, throbbing behind my right eye, forehead and under cheekbone, there is a repeated sensation on my lips that I’ve never experienced before. It’s like a mild electrical shock but with sensation of painful pins and needles. I am at a loss for what’s happening. It’s like my nervous system has short circuited. Any ideas what’s happening to me?

I would think over everything that is going on recently, and any meds or unusual foods you might have eaten. Are you under an abnormal amount of stress lately, or could you be coming down with an illness? My body reacts strongly to many medications I take for pain, such as opiods or benzodiazephines, often for a couple of days afterwards. I also react to alcohol and caffeine. Take care and I’m sure this will pass.

Do you still have the headache? Are you running a fever? I’m wondering if you’re coming down with something.

I have a lot of what you are experiencing. I have had it all along with my TN (and ON) for 8 years now. I was told by multiple doctors that I have “Central Nervous System Disorder” they increased the Gabapentin and it helped. Currently I take 2400mg a day. I have been checked for peripheral neuropathy several times years ago and that was negative but my doctor now says I have a peripheral nerve disorder anyway. Still Gabapentin is the answer. I am sorry you are having pain and I hope it gets better soon.

Hi. Stress is the absolute worst thing for my TN. Every really stressful event in my life has been followed by flare ups. I have had ATN for a long time but the pain has slowly migrated down my left side mostly. I was diagnosed with Fibro and myofascial pain syndrome, which sounds similar to your diagnosis.

Unfortunately overall things have gotten worse my over the years. But get to know your triggers. Mine are stress, lack of sleep, my cycle, storms and weather and cold air or wind.