Eye pain and numbness after MVD?

Has anyone else experienced your eyeball being numb after an MVD? Mine has been numb since my MVD in 2011.

I personally have not had the MVD, but I was talking to a lady in the same city where I live who had the surgery and has numbness in her tongue, face and eye. Her surgeon told her it would go away, but may take 18 months. She was just at 9-10 months when I talked to her, so was seeing no relief at that point. She said her eye pulsated all the time, too, like her heart was beating in her eye. She said it was pretty rough going, but the electrifying pain was gone, so she was just waiting for this pain to leave, as well. I hope yours will resolve itself, too.

Thanks. It has been 20 months since I had my MVD. You could slice my head straight down the middle and everything on the right side is numb.