Everyone please read, as we are having a problem with spammers

All moderators and founders of Ben's Friends work very hard to keep spammers off the site, however their methods of applying for membership get more sophisticated each day. Just on this site, we must decline 25-50, maybe more, a day. There are individual spammers and something we refer to as a 'spambot', some kind of computer devised to mass solicit.

They will do their best to convince you to buy a so called 'miracle cure', and will want your phone number, your credit card number, or your bank account number, maybe even try to get your social security number.

They may try to sell you sex, or conversations about sex. They may have a hard luck story asking for money. Who can know, and they will contact as may people as they can in rapid fire fashion, knowing we are on the look-out for them at all times.

Should you EVER encounter them, NEVER CLICK ON THEIR LINK, as it may be the way they can access your private information, or plant a virus, or back door Trojan on to your computer. Just notify a moderator as soon as you get it, if you do not see one on the board, compose a message and send it to all of us, our names and photos are at the top of the 'member' page.

Thank you all for helping to keep our members safe, and our group a haven.

Wishing you all well,

LivingwithFibro.org Moderators

Ben, I have had replies to this site (from other people to other people) showing up in the middle of my phone texts to my personal friends. And some of my texts have just started showing up hours later after I send them. Freaking me out. I have not opened any links - but have I been hacked?