End of remission

Strikes back after 5 year remission. Back on meds. How long until they take effect??? I’m having a rough time coping :frowning:

What meds are you taking? Carbamazepine/Tegretol is the best for me. I’m so sorry I do know what you’re going through. I hope you get pain free soon.

Thank you. I am taking Trileptal. I took Tegretol previously and really took a cognitive hit :(.

I took trileptal, too. Takes about three weeks to get up to needed dose.

Oh dang :(. Good to know, though, thank you.

Apple we are really sorry for your pain. We all hope that you feel better soon. I myself am having a real upswing in pain . In addition to my usual tegretol I can add promethazine(not sure of spelling). It is also called finnegan, I believe. It’s given for nausea, and general pain control. Works for me, but it also makes me sleepy.

Has your doctor given you anything specifically for pain?
Thoughts and prayer your way.

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Thank you it’s helpful that this community exists. I’m sorry for your upswing. I haven’t heard of those other medicines. Nothing else offered from the doc yet. I’m trying to stay positive but I have to admit that fear is creeping in again, I worry about the medicine not working but I’m reminding myself of what I learned here that maybe I just need to be patient…

Sorry for your facial pain coming back. I too was in remission for 5 years. I started having sensory issues and pain started to come back as well as dental pain.
Was put on gabapentin. I use l lLidocaine Ointment on my face to help with sensory. It’s all been helping. I have TN2 Trigeminal Neuropathic cause from dental work. Fear is real, this is a very difficult pain to deal with. I pray and try to only look as far as the head light of a car. If you look farther the thought of this pain daily can consume your every thought. Praying for healing for you and all the suffer of TN1 and TN2

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Thank you for your answer and thoughts. I hope your pain recedes, and that another remission might be just past those headlights.


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