Is anyone taking Effexor and if so, does it help with memory

My psychiatrist and I discussed this at one point and since I tend to get rapid major depression and major manic attacks with SSRI's we decided not to go there. It will be interesting to see if others respond that have had experience with Effexor. Thanks for posting.

Long time ago I took it against depression. Nothing to do with memory.



After my negative experience with Effexor I would suggest that you steer clear of it.

I tried Effexor for major depression after other meds did not help. It made me horribly jittery and unable to sleep (although less so with the XR formulation) and did not help improve my memory at all. It did however, snap me out of my depression and I was able to wean off of it after about 6 months. Oh...... and it had no effect on my TN pain either.

I've taken Effexor XR for 12 years now for depression after a TBI. Since my TN started only a year ago, it didn't help it or hurt it.

I have taken Effexor xr for about 6 years. I have not noticed anything at all.

I was prescribed it (the XR variety) with the hope that it might help ease my TN pain in conjunction with my Baclofen as my Gabapentin is failing (I don't suffer depression) but it made no difference to me pain wise - Instead it gave me side effects that saw me give up even trying after 2 months on it. Insomnia, couldn't gather my thoughts, jittery/highly strung sort of feeling, over-reacting to things.....And that was on the piddling dose of 75mg. *sigh*

I don't react well to most things though, and we're all different as you can see so I wouldn't think it could do much harm to at least give it a go.. :)

Hi, I've taken Effexor but had to give it up very quickly as I had extreme reactions to it... epileptic-type fitting where I lost control of my body and was spasming and jerking my arms, and pretty much lost consciousness. So I wouldn't advise taking it! I didn't notice it having any effect on my memory, either negative or positive.

My doctor prescriped Effexor 75 mg to help with my nerve/TN2 pain. My main symptom was dizziness, and it seemed to help with that. I don't recall any help with memory, though...unfortunately!

I am on effexor, cant say that it helps memory but certainly does not hinder memory in any way.

My pain got much worse after using it

Hi, I tried effexor about ten years ago for medium depression and it worked ok for that, and that was before I had TN, but the side effects were terrible. Dizziness was terrible and if you did anything at all strenuous you would be covered in sweat in few minutes time. In my mind I wonder if it contributed to the onset of my TN and the horrible TMJ I had for several years after I quit taking it. I had to wean myself off that very slowly as the dizziness was so bad. Also, any men out there, beware of the Baclofen. I took that just over a year and had a very sensitive left testicle and the doctor actually thought I might have a cyst, but then I quit taking the Baclofen and it went completely away. Problem solved.