Does that smoking is bad for Gpn?


I smoke a lot of cigarettes every day, is this bad when we suffer from GPN?

thank you for your answers !

I am a former smoker (4 weeks now smoke free). My Husband was convinced that smoking contributed to my "flair ups" but I was not (in denial maybe). However I am just coming off a 4 week really bad "flair up" for which I couldn't smoke if I wanted because the mere act of taking a "drag" off the cigarettes would have sent me into excruciating pain. Smoking is not good for so many reasons that I just figured it is best not to smoke at all and try to remove any culprits that might be contributing to my flair ups.

Not sure this helped, but good luck.


Merci Kala !


Well said Kala. I agree that it's best not to smoke. :)

There is only one medical condition where smoking was helpful and docs never want to mention that b/c smoking is so bad in general. And Gpn was not it

Dear Elle Xs,

You know the answer but wants to hear from all - STOP SMOKING - It is everyway BAD! GNP OR NO GNP.

My father was smoker and one day suddenly he quit when he was around 50 years. he lived a very very healthy life. Was very disciplined in many ways. When he turned 82 he was healthy and strong. Can walk, talk, run....and was enjoying life. when suddenly we found that he had throat cancer. He liver around 8-9 months after that. It was so scary for the whole family and we all had sleepless nights to see him suffering.

I'm sure you have loving family and they are want to share many more years of happiness and joy. so I would say - STOP IT NOW...QUIT SMOKING. It is that 1 minute decision not to touch it again and mentally be strong that there are millions of people living without it why can not YOU? Try it, I'm sure you can quit it. I'm sure you value your life and you will value more when will quit smoking and realize that it was such waste of money and health and you were so stupid to believe that you can not do it. .......Good Luck and Take care............

Smoking is never a good idea, maybe you could try to quit? Good luck.


I know when my Neuralgia is active I cannot be around anyone smoking or it sets if off. So I would imagine it is really bad for the person smoking with Neuralgia.


I would suggest that it is bad.It could well be irritating the nerves inside the throat. I know that dry weather without much humidity can trigger a niggle for me, same with if I get out of breath and my throat is dry. So I would say YES, in my opinion it would aggrevate it.

Also I cannot even begin to imagine that a person could smoke if having GPN attacks! If you cannot smoke during your attacks and have managed to stay off them during attacks, then I think you should consider stopping all together. You may be pleasantly surprised as your incident rate of attacks (don't know your history of incidence rate or severity) may just be reduced.

Plus smoking causes an oxidative process in our bodies and affects the airways and cardiovascular system. So you wouldn't want to end up with a lung disease or heart disease (both usually go together hand in hand for a smoker) as well as GPN as that would not be pleasant at all, as GPN when severe affects the heart rate, blood pressure and also respiration. This is because the GPN nerve runs into the Vagus nerve which controls these things. So smoking is going to make that even worse!!

If you're concerned about GPN getting worse, then it is time to consider giving up cigarettes. I have seen cadaver lungs of smokers, I have seen the lungs of city dwellers who are non-smokers, and seen healthy lungs too. I think every person needs to see a pair of smokers lungs in the flesh. Same with hearts. I think then most people would not even remotely consider smoking... Seeing pictures on tv, or in magazines etc., isn't quite the same as seeing it in the flesh.