Does carbmazepine work for TN?

I've just been to a neurologist who has prescribed carbamazepine, even though I told her my symptoms were mostly TN2. For what it will cost me, I'm not sure I want to switch out from the gabepentin, Shucks, I'll be ordering off the internet from Canada. Speaking of which, does anyone do this?

Crud, I don't know how to edit. I meant does it work for TN2 symptoms?

Was the other med not working? It didn't work for me. But I had TN1 symptoms..... go to the ATN or TN2 group under the group tabs and read there what meds they take!

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Hi Maureen

I have mostly ATN symptoms now and I take gabapentin because my body rejects carbamazepine and trileptal (first cousin of carbamazepine). Most neurologists will want you to try carbamazepine. It is regarded as the gold standard in TN treatment. I think trileptal might have given me relief if I could have tolerated it.

Does your neurologist want you stay on gabapentin while you try carbamazepine?

May I ask how much gabapentin are you taking now? And do you think it is giving you relief?

It is probably a good idea to keep a diary of your meds, how much you’re taking, when you introduce something new, and what symptoms you’re experiencing, and what side effects (if any) you experience and at what dose.

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Hello Maureen,

I take 200mg carbamazepine, 3 times daily for TN2. For me it works wonders. I'll be honest and had a tough few weeks at first with being tired and well . . feeling drunk! However, I hear thats VERY normal! It just takes awhile for your body to get use to it. I also have terrible ear pain (aka geniculate neuralgia). The carbamazepine helps but doesn't take that away. I also have to take 2 tabs of 10 mg Baclofen, 3 times daily. Thats helps with the ear pain quite a bit. On most days my pain is 1 or 2 on a scale of 10.

I hope this info helps! Good luck to you.


I take Carbamazipine 1000mg in 3 divided doses the pain is better but still have bilateral numbness. and occasional burning type pain but it is bearable. hope this helps.


As for ordering over the internet have just watched a program in UK called Fake Britain who is currently doing investigation into drugs ordered internet which is very scary. It is on BBC you may be able to get it on internet. I would advise all to watch it.



Thank y'all! I am at 1800 mg gabepentin and 100 amiltriptiline.(I'm sure I've spelled that wrong), I am starting the carbamazipine at 100 twice a day, then in a week going up to 200 twice a day. The gab has worked really well for me with the shocks from TN1, but I am not adverse to switching out medications, especially to one which might be helpful to TN2.