Does anyone else seem to have symptoms of other types of neuralgia along with tn or atn?

I know I sound like a hypochondriac nutbag, but here goes....I also have symptoms that line up with occipital neuralgia and one involving the throat...where it locks up on me and I cant swallow or open my mouth for several seconds. I also have the pains in my ears on a hot ice pick shoved in my eardrum, or like a knocking from inside like something trying to get out of my ear....a throbbing I guess. I had wonderful success with pretty low doses of meds until the sinus surgery. Don't know if this pain is temporary due to that and the cleanings or if it's here to stay and I need to increase the meds. :( Also I'm annoyed the dr doesn't return calls after hours, just sends us to er. There enough fussing....for today at least. I am grateful for every single person on this site, wether we have communicated or not. It's such a comfort and outlet for me.Even if I sometimes feel like I am complaining too much. I just have nowhere else to put it!

I have atn with my first pain appearing behind my eye long before I had other facial pain. It feels like somebody is stabbing me with an ice pick or pulling my eye out. I have also experienced half my tongue and throat going numb with the other half remaining normal. On this same side of my body I now experience numb areas and different sensations on my arm and leg. I honestly don't know what's going on with my body anymore.

And I know how you feel about sounding like a hypochondriac, I feel like that alot of the time right now with all these senations in my body. Hopefully this is just temporary for you.