Does a day or two of feeling good sometimes make you think you've made up the pain?

I have some relatively pain free days this year (so much better compared to last year) so much so that sometimes I almost feel as if I've made up the pain...Like it was never really that bad...that ever happen to anyone else?

Certainly. I am in that place now. My pain is in 6 month cycles. The warmer it gets outside the better I feel and I do have times that I wonder if was ever really that bad. 6 months is just enough to forget. Then November comes around and I live in fear that when (not if, but WHEN) it comes back it will be the worst one ever. Maybe it's our way of coping

As soon as it's gone it is a million miles away

Yup, I tend not to remember pain that well and think that it couldn’t have been that bad.

Same here

Thanks for the replies, def is nice to not feel alone.

In the 9 mo's before diagnosis, my pain would stay for a month, then go away. I would think it was all in my head, until it eventually became clear that it wasn't. Then it still took awhile before diagnosis. Even now, many years later, post MVD, I'll have a few good days and think "am I making this up?", boy, how the human mind can work!!