Disability Difficulties

Hello, all! This is my first post but Lord knows I am not new to facial pain. I’ve been on a nearly 8 year journey to find relief.

In the past couple of years, I’ve become unable to work full time but I do maintain VERY part time work as I need some funds to live on as I’m navigating this disability process.

I have applied and been denied social security disability and I’m currently seeking the help of an attorney, so if anyone has recommendations in the Columbus, Ohio area, please let me know!
…anyway this lawyer that I’ve been emailing with has basically indicated that my part time work is going to be difficult to justify because it can indicate an ability to work any other day as well. Like I work ONE day a week and yes, I manage to consistently show up, but it’s because I can rest ALL week long. Additionally, I only work 4-6 hour shifts!

I guess I’m here to vent and ask what others have done to get through the disability application process without losing their minds, their dignity, and their credit score (mines already shot to hell).

Thanks in advance for any advice, suggestions, or support!


Hey Ashlie,
I’m Merl from the Modsupport Team.
Now before I start, I must say I’m in Australia, but, that we have to deal with some of the same issues. I too was rejected for Disability. My issue was with differing Dr’s having differing opinions and the review panel chose the opinion that I could do ‘some’ work, minimal, but some. And that made me ineligible. If they can find any reason to exclude you, they will. Their view is often ‘ANY paid employment, is employment’.

At the time I had an application for Total Permanant Disability insurance cover. The insurer sent a professor of neurology from interstate to review my case. At the interview he told me directly “You’re screwed. This is not going to get any better…” When the insurance cover was approved, I asked for a copy of that professor’s report, then reapplied for Social Security Disability, using that report and it was approved.

I know the U.S. system is a little different to ours here in Australia, but the criteria are very similar. It’s good that you’ve got yourself a lawyer to try and navigate it all, someone who knows the systems, because otherwise they can have you running around obtaining reports from all sorts of medicos trying to disprove your claim.

Best of luck with it all and please do let us know how it all goes.

Merl from the Modsupport Team

Hi Ashlie-

I wish I knew what would help—hiring a lawyer is probably the best thing you’ve done. I hope y’all are successful. I know the gov denies the first attempt nearly 100% of the time…keep after it.

Ashlie, is the facial pain from Trigeminal Neuralgia? Has a diagnosis been given to your condition? I have other suggestions if the pain is from Trigeminal Neuralgia. Let me know.

So at first they wouldn’t give me that diagnosis because there was no visible compression of the nerve. However, over the years, and after a handful of other diagnoses along the way, I landed back on TN and found a doctor who confirmed and agrees and who believes symptoms can be present without a compression showing on the MRI. I’m going through a series of treatments and I’ll have my second nerve block procedure next month. I take lots of medications to manage on a day to day basis, with hopes that a single, or series of procedures will provide some kind of reduction to allow me to come off of them someday.

UPDATE: After a few back and forth emails with the attorney, further explaining my situation and what an ordinary day looks like for me, he has agreed to take on my case. I am so excited and feeling more hopeful than I have in a while. That being said, it’s going to be at least a 12-14 month long process. Sooo send positive vibes, prayers, thoughts that I somehow get quick tracked and may finally be able to relax a little, knowing I’ll have income. :crossed_fingers:t2:


Ok only a suggestion -Every state has short term disability-24 months. Hop on that and build your case. The monthly is decent and with friends and family you can demonstrate your case

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I have a court date set for April 10th!

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Hey @myfacehurts ,
Merl here from the Modsupport Team.
How did your court date go?