My dad had the cyberknife on Wednesday.. went home and two hours later had an episode which left him very depressed and discouraged... that is when I found this forum.. since this it has been two days and no episodes so far... is this normal to anyone who has had the procedure... he actually came to visit with me and went to my brothers and sisters house as well yesterday... something we haven't seen out of him in over a year since he has been dealing with this curse.... I am trying not to get my hopes up to high as is my whole family.... just wanted to hear results from other people who have had this procedure

Thanks bunches in advance for any input


Hi, I don’t have experience with cyber knife, but if you type in “cyber knife” in the search box far upper right, it will bring up all previous discussions, I hope this helps.
Hopefully your dad finds relief in the coming days… (( hugs )) Mimi

thanks I will try that

I had cyberknife in December, and it took until March for me to be pain free (except for a twinge or two a month that is NOT worth those meds for!). I cursed my surgeon daily until March. Your dad must be patient. Not an easy thing for me to do, but it was worth it. I had TN pain immediately after the surgery and so on for months and then WHAMMO, none.

Good luck to him, tell him I'm keeping my fingers crossed for an eventual pain free day!

Mollycule (now off ALL pain meds!)

Update: after that one episode 2 hrs after the procedure he has blessedly been PAIN FREE!!!

Awesome news!! Very happy to hear this, may it last and last! : )