CSF Leak

I don't think I updated my story with the dripping out my nose. So my surgeon called me Dec.21 and told me I definitely have a CSF leak and to get into emerg. this weekend as he was on call and wanted it fixed. In his opinion it had gone on too long. So I went in on the 23rd and had the surgery the 24th, this one as easy as it is for them, only about 30mins long completely knocked me off my feet. I could not believe how horrible I felt that day. My trigem nerve ws right back to the beginning before we figured out what it was. By the next day things were feeling a little better. Now no more leaking and feeling pretty good. The only thing is I still get very tired when trying to do things. I hope that ends soon because I just want to get back to work and back to normal.

I'm glad you got the CSF leak issue resolved & hope you are feeling better each day.


Linda, considering what you’ve been through I would imagine you would tire easily. It may take longer to get back to “normal”, rest as much as you can.
Sending positive thoughts!
(( hugs)) Mimi

I’m so glad the leak was taken care of Linda! It’s funny how we all get different symptoms from our leaks. Please take care and take it double easy. Rest should be your new best friend. Get well ASAP!

Keep us posted on your progress.


So glad to hear the leak is fixed. You will be back to normal soon, hang in there!


Good news! Glad you had it fixed and are on your way to getting better!!!