Combined TN and Anesthesia Dolorosa

I have TN, ATN combined with Anesthesia Dolorosa. The pain is constant and very debilitating. I wish there was more written about TN combined with AD on the Living with TN site. There must be more of us who had trigeminal nerve brain tumor surgery and ended up with both issues.
I was among those “fired” by an ignorant and uninformed neurologist. I have extreme sensitivity and allergic reactions to most of the meds typically prescribed and he wanted me to take them anyway. When I wouldn’t he told me I wasn’t serious about getting help and not to come back. He said if I didnt agree with him what I really needed was a psychiatrist!
Thankfully, I have found sensitive and knowledgeable doctors at Swedish Hospital Neuroscience Neurosurgery in Seattle, and UCSF Neurosurgery. Neither can offer much help as they say mine is a very “complex case” but at least they understand and treat me with respect.

I’m sorry, that is very nasty combo to have. I know there are others on this site that have tn and AD. Have you checked the groups section there might be a group for those that have Ad and plus the TN on top of it. Glad you were able to find some doctors that are trying to help. I have nothing nice to say about the other wack job you saw. If it was recent I would report him, really I don’t understand that type of mentality at all.

hi ML,
I did a quick search in our search box upper right of AD, and the following links are just a few that I found…hope this helps. I know there has been discussions in our Failed Procedures Group. (( hugs )) Mimi