Chiro, neuro, acupuncture-oh my!

So I have a chiropractor appr for upper cervical manipulation on Monday, an appointment with a neurosurgeon to discuss Gamma Knife on Wednesday, and plan on checking into acupuncture the following week. Is there anything else I’m missing? I’m really nervous about looking into Gamma Knife. Everything I’ve read suggests that MVD is the better/smarter option. What if I make the wrong decision? The idea of either scares me to death! Has anyone REALLY had true and lasting success with Gamma Knife? Please let me know. Can’t I just get chiropractic treatments and make everything better? There has got to be a better way! I just know that I’m getting really sick of soup:(

Please give me some feedback:)

Hi Dollface,
I’ve done my own intensive research this year since my pain has not been controlled adequately by my meds anymore.
Of course it is a personal decision so I can only tell you what I’ve decided…I am currently awaiting mvd, although the surgery is invasive, it does not damage the nerve.
All the other procedures in some way cause damage to the nerve and that just doesn’t sit well with me, AGAIN this is just my opinion.
While I wait I am also looking into upper cervical chiro as well.
I would look back into the archives here on the site by searching out specific terms like gamma knife and read as much as you can, google and meet with a few neurosurgeons and get their opinions. In the end you’ll make the right choice for you.
Knowledge is power.
(( hugs)) Mimi

I found this link by searching on the site…

Be sure to watch my success story with ONLY Chiro -

, I regret the gamma knife. The information available when I decided to do this was very limited and misleading in relation to TN. The neurosurgeon made me feel like my poor outcome was highly unusual among his successes.The first neurologist (same hospital) I consulted for all my new problems after the gamma knife was blunt (mean even) telling me my problems were entirely predictable after gamma knife --he had no idea why I would have done that, and there was nothing he could do.

I'm sure there are success stories, but I would be very leery.