Chat Room Confusion

Thanks to Squeaker96 of Fibro Community for bringing up clarifications about the Chat Room.

Here, I would like to share her post:

"I just wanted to post something regarding the chat rooms. Especially for those

new people, I see a lot that people will come in and say something and not get a

response. Those people will then make a comment about being ignored or they

will just find somewhere else to go. I have even seen one where they said

that it was cliquey. The side bar says the members online, it does not mean that

those members are in the chat. A lot of us have the page open and are doing

other things, doing research, playing games,reading the discussion boards. I

Always forget to shut the page before I leave so it looks like I am online a

lot more than I am. It is not meant to ignore anyone or make people feel bad. If

you are having a really bad day you can always post a discussion and I

guarantee you will get responses. They may not be immediate but it will help and

more people read the discussion boards then chat. I hope this helps! I really

feel bad when people are hurting and feel rejected. No one here wants you to

feel that way and it is not intentional. "