Change in Meds

Neurologist wants to change me cold turkey from Tegregol to Trileptal. Has anyone done this? I am a little nervous, since I always read how potentially deadly these drugs are. I don't want to be home alone and have a seizure or something. I take Tegretol 300 mgs 1-1/2 chewable tabs, twice a day. Now wants me on 300 Trileptal twice a day. I am having muscle spasms with the Tegretol.

While I cannot speak to either medication I had a new neuro switch me almost cold turkey from gabapentin to topomax. It was the most hellish 10 days of my life and I suffered side effects for nearly a month after. Only when speaking to my therapist months later did I fully understand that he put me through withdrawal. Please be very careful.

Call pharmacist! Those meds are cousins i believe. : )

Thank you for your replies, the doctors office never called me back. I did ask the pharmacist, he said it should not have bad effects, that they are related one is less toxic than the other. I can only pray I don't have any bad reactions. Right now the Tegretol is working and I don't like change. I just have minor muscle jumping in hands and occasional nausea, which I don't have a problem with as long as I don't get the unbearable searing pain.