Cervical Convergence & Trigeminal Neuralgia

I’m always late to the party when doing research for non-traditional TN treatments as well as underlying issues that could be a cause.

What is the Facial Pain Community, TN Suffers, doctors and researchers concensus or opinions on cervical convergence and trigeminal neuralgia?

How connected are cervical spine issues and TN? If so, what are the most problem areas.

This theory or treatment concept is new to me and seems to possibly offer some hope. What are the thoughts? Thank you.

Absolutely. The cervical spine is most times out of alignment and can be guilty of pinching the nerve. Thoracic spine not so much, but definitely the neck area.

I think I am really screwed. I found out only recently that I now have cervicogenic headaches and TN has a secondary source of misery with my cervical spine. After five years I felt a drop of hope that chiropractic care might be key to healing. However, my oral surgeon removed a tooth and I had a cervical mri before of after the extraction for other reasons. The oral surgeon changed every injury to my cervical to the next tear, bulge or herniated mm. Worse, C5 has several bilateral stenosis encroaching my CSF. The pain is unbearable. Now I’m told I need neurosurgery. I get foggy here because now i would need to wait until after surgery and healing to start chiropractic care?Right? I believe I have Trigeminal-Cervical Convergence as a result which explains so much over the past two years about new conditions my doctors all dismissed as TN and med effects. My pain meds masked most of the symptoms until it was too late. Now, I have been unable to leave my home for four months. I can barely move, major Pain meds don’t dull the pain in my neck that triggers TN and Vice Versa. I’m a mess while all this is figured out. My TN, cervical and unfinished dental, now confirm to me that it will be years and years of unbearable pain, paperwork and funds I no longer have after six years of disability, single parent with two adopted sons. I’m blown away that all this is new to me when I thought I knew everything about TN.

Oh my gosh-the best I can say here.I am of the opinion that telling someone they have atypical TN should mean that they go all out to find the cause of the tn symptoms.
Glad you had the MRI.How about the possibility that having the neurosurgery would fix the pain if it is coming from that area.?
You could get a second opinion-but if they have found something -that is actually good-since the pain is unbearable.
Wishing you a successful surgery and a quick recover and a resolution to all your pain.And a summer of fun next year with your kids.

Thank you. Have you heard of Trigeminal-Cervical Convergence? I am pretty sure that’s happening and becomes more permanent each day.

I think I mentioned or did not, this time last year, my doctor and I decided it was time to learn to live with my illness and try to start to rebuild my life and try lots of alternative therapies which excited me. I could no longer afford to live in Los Angeles after 35 years. With peace, serenity, simplicity, spirituality and more as my focus, I moved to a VERY rural part of California 750 miles North of LA. I was excited. In October, while away looking for a house, my beloved doctor and only advocate died out of the blue from cancer, shocking the entire Community. My treatment plan, move and post support died with my doctor. I still have not had time to mourn anything. So with his passing I continued to prepare to move. One a Monday I had a cervical MRI that I was told was fine when it wasn’t. On that Friday I had #15 pulled, the migraine Botox and new molds and appliances made. Within a month, I was in horrible should and neck pain, which I attributed to preparing to move and was already taking six 10/325 Percocet a day. I moved to the boonies and within two weeks I could not move for almost two months eventually having hospital come to me. It took seven months to get an MRI with the new damage from the extraction, exacerbated by not knowing, meds masking the pain, moving and activities I should have avoided. I also am having right side tremors for first time ever, failed balance and stability tests, fall down, have a non stop ear splitting ring in left ear and fecal incontenance, and my neck muscle locking in spasm. EVERY symptom was NEW since extraction.

Long story longer but incomplete as I cannot type any more. I sent detailed info on my thoughts, not knowing I was describing cervicogenic issues to the oral surgeon and my new doctor, neither would take my call or reply. I sent info to my neurologist who said it was fine asking for suggestions to avoid hurting myself and he told me to go to a spine center. It’s been nine months and I finally got the tests I requested every month. A nurse at another hospital with a great TN Department is helping on the DL until I fly there for an appointment for a new diagnosis, prognosis and treatment plan to see I can be treated locally and stay in my home or have to leave. The neurosurgeon here, who I sent detailed records to, said I did not score high enough to be urgent and can wait until 01/2018 to see him because they have never seen this here.

I am so close to end of rope. I thought finally, some peace and then my hospital of five years sent me on my journey already destined to immediately fail. I’m alone, in the middle of nowhere, unable and refusing to leave my home until this is resolved. I moved walking distance to a beach I have yet to see.



I just got in from up north.
Do the percocets work?
I found they did nothing for me.
I take codeine-which is OK
I find essential peppermint oil on my jawline helps so much.I do not dilute
Please go to emergency.
You need help and we are all too far away to give anything more than hope.
Also sleep is a good thing.
When I am brutal sore I take enough drugs to sleep/.But not so much that I
worry about waking up.
Do you have any family that can be relied on?
We are all such bundles of pain that most people avoid me.
But one good thing-I sold my first roach clips today-with an order for more!
Please write back.

What I have found out in my life is that sometimes when things seem to be on a real positive note ,it is like a pendulum and there is an opposite push the other way.But stay focused on the good stuff-even as you go to the hospital.Just stay focused on the good and do whatever is possible to keep your mind on the good and imagine how much better it will be.
I will check in tomorrow and try and make sense.
All full of bug bites.I need a shower.