Can't sleep

I went to bed hours ago. There seems to be no relief for me today. Mouth pain started by 11am. I fought through it for some of the day, but I am so exhausted and weary of this condition, all I can do is cry. I pray for a stronger faith in God, but I feel I am failing miserably in finding that strength. Looks like I am the only one online right now but I know you are out there, fellow sufferers. I would sincerely appreciate any words of encouragement. They might help even if they don't come until tomorrow. Going to try Facebook now and look for wisdom and diversion there. Thanks for listening.

You're not here all alone! I don't know where you are but all the way over in Australia someone is feeling your pain! Well, maybe not literally but I'm here. It's funny but I was only bragging several weeks ago that I didn't really get a lot of really bad aching with my ATN. It's like i jinxed myself. Almost the same day my mouth started to ache on both sides! Most of my teeth, even the back of my throat at times while my tongue and lips stay numb.

I'm not helping you I know but at least you know you were heard.

Exhaustion without the ability to sleep is devastating. So many of us have been there at one time or another and for me, that is when I am at my lowest. Are you able to ask your doctor for a sleep aid? Mine knows I hate them but every once in a while when I am struggling I do ask her for some. I few good (or at least better) night's sleep does help to deal with the daily pain. I think when we are exhausted we feel the pain even more.

Find lidocaine mouthwash and/or patches!