Bad Neurologist Experience-(Fibro and TN)

I had an appointment with a neurologist yesterday for the first time to discuss MRI with and without contrast results that revealed "T2 prolongation in the anterior periventricular region" on the left side of my head (nowhere near my affected TN which is on the right side). The Dr. termed this "small vessel disease", said "everybody gets it", refused to read or discuss the list of symptoms I prepared and hustled me out of his office in 10 minutes. Today I had to leave work at lunch because the diffuse headache with some nerve involvement and horrible muscle contractions-spasms that I have had since last evening made functioning an agonizing endeavor. I don't call in sick as a rule, and have dragged myself into work exhausted and in pain so many times it it my new normal. But today I cracked and had to go home. I have an appointment with my pcp tomorrow afternoon. I want to try to get into the neurologist they wanted me to go to but was booked until October.

I'm so sorry you had to experience that. No one should be treated like that. I too have fibro and TN. It is very frustrating trying to get proper help. Don't give up and insist on getting referred to someone that will actually treat you. Good luck.

Thanks ladies :slight_smile: My pcp wants me to wait until the bloodwork he ordered comes backed, have me go in for the follow up, just to see what he says, then they will refer me out again, maybe to Dallas. I’m not giving up, I meed to know what that lesion really is. When I told my pcp the “small vessel disease” theory, they were s little dubious.