Back again

I apologize for such a long absence. It has been a pretty difficult time for a while. After several months of declining health, my Father passed away this year on April 12Th. He was 92 and his passing, while peaceful and pain-free, is still heartfelt by our family. He will be missed. I can only believe that he is in the company of my youngest brother (who passed in 1985) and the two are enjoying each other's presence. I ma very fortunate to have a wife who has been such a wonderful support, not only for me, but for my parents as well. She has even reduce her work to part time to care for my mother (who lives in Assisted Living) and for me, when I need her to.

I got lucky when I met and married her!!!

I have been having a continuous increase in pain and difficulty in controlling it. I had my first appointment yesterday with a Pain Management Clinic.

The Doctor has started me on Amitriptyline, 25 ms, changed my pain med to Oxycodone and wants me to keep her inform as to the progress, especially if the meds aren't working. I told her I acknowledge that I will have pain but over the past 2 -3 months, the pain has been in control of my life. I want the control back. She also discussed a couple of the surgical options. I told her that I am in no hurry to have any surgery unless it becomes apparent that meds are ineffective and surgery is the only option. I was diagnosed with this TN only a year or so ago and I consider myself a newcomer in all of this.

However, she pointed out that since I now have pain in all regions of my face, surgery may become the only option to explore. I will keep that in mind, but not ready to explore it. I think that I will know when it is time for that, not necessarily her.

I will update as things progress.

Until next time....


Saw this in the forum. I responded to you there. :-)

When I got to 100mg/day amitriptyline, it made a huge difference in my quality of life. I hope it helps you as much as it does me.

I so know your pain and are not alone my friend.

Bless yoru are making the right choices...stay strong and please know many of us out in your cyber world absolutely are with you......