Atypical Odontalgia

Anyone here suffering from Atypical Odontalgia? If so, what meds have been helpful? AO is a type of atypical facial pain.

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I was diagnosed with AO before neurologists decided it was TN. The medication they put me on for AO was Cymbalta, but it didn't seem to help enough. They wanted to put me on Nortriptyline, but I had a not good reaction to it when I was younger. Now I am on Amitriptyline, Cymbalta and Tegretol. My neurologist is trying to tweak the medications to get my eyes to not freak out from the Tegretol.

Have you seen a neurologist yet?

I hope you find something that helps soon!


I have AO and I am struggling to find doctors in my area that have treated this before. I live in Pittsburgh,Pa and I am currently taking gabapentin 300 mg twice a day. I also take 20 mg of amiltriptyline at bedtime, but only because my primary doctor prescribed it.

I have had a few days here and there that I felt somewhat ok, but never back to myself, only to find the next day I have no relief at all.

Can you tell me what you are taking and if it is helping you. I had two teeth pulled upper right molar and premolar before realizing that it was a nerve. How did you get the diagnosis and do you have a doctor familiar with this?

I live in PA as well. My dentist diagnosed AO after a summer of ongoing pain. I am currently going to a pain specialist and am taking 2400 mg of gabapentin a day (800 mg three times a day) and 25 mg of amitriptline at bedtime. My face does not feel normal, but I rarely have pain. AO is a type of atypical facial pain and most often physicians are more comfortable using that term and treating that condition.

Can you tell me where your pain clinic is ? The one I went to did not know enough about this and said they couldn’t treat me. Is your medication managed by the pain clinic or a neutologist ?

Also when you say your face does not feel normal can you tell me what you mean? Do you feel a different feeling other than pAin. I do not have pain I have an irritated pinchy crackling feeling . I wonder if the neurontjn can help that?

My pain clinic is at Lewistown Hospital. Right now, the pain management physician is managing my meds, but I assume at some point that will be transferred to my primary care physician. I am seeing a neurologist next month. At times I have pain; however, most often I have burning, stinging, cramping especially on my right side of my face. The gabapentin coupled with the amitriptyline should address all of those issues.

Max i have the same story, symptoms and age as you . Started after dental work etc . I am waiting to see a neurologist but have identified with both AO and ATN . so who knows ?? i started on meds one month ago , gabapentin and amitriptyline. They definitely have helped for the debilitating pain, but I still have something bothering me everyday, usually burning gums or cramping feeling . do you think AO and ATN are the same/overlap ??

I read up on this too golfgirl. Parts of it certainly fit with my pain. I am more confused now though. Symptoms of AO and ATN do seem to overlap. I have a history of TN and it is in my family so I am leaning that way. My pain also radiates to my cheek, jaw and sometimes my ear. Can that be the case with AO?

It also seems the treatments are similar so does it matter what it is? Does anyone know more about this?

I believe that most professionals classify AO as a type of atypical facial pain. The book Striking Back does a good job of appropriately classifying TN, ATN, Atypical Facial Pain and AO.

thanks - I think its time to order that book !