Are TN and Fibromyalgia related?

I was diagnosed 10 years ago with TN, now I’ve been diagnosed with fybromialgia, is this common?

I dont know but I have both too. There is a group on here for people with both. I found this site by searching for both terms at the same time because I was wondering the same thing.

I did have a friend on facebook ask me if it could be fibro not TN but it's definately along the trig nerve and I don't have the joint and muscle pain. Fatigue yes, but hey hasn't everyone :D

TN and Fibromyalgia are both nerve disorders, but there’s no real conection to them. The muscles that are affected by Fibro have no association to the Trigeminal nerve. It’s just a coincidence a lot of us seem to have. It’s bad enough having TN/ATN, without feeling like the rest of our body has been hit by a train!

Ben’s Friends also has a Fibromyalgia support group if you’re interested. There’s a list of patient communities on the right hand side of the main page. Just click on Fibromyalgia and it will take you there.

Thanks everyone!!!